MyStake ( Review

MyStake online casino is a platform replete with crash games

And again we are with you, friends! We continue to search, study, and review for you interesting crash casinos where you can enjoy games of a new format. Namely, the crash genre, which appeared relatively recently, but quickly became popular.

This time we chose the MyStake online casino for review. You will not believe it! But we decided to review this casino because of its banner. Such things are placed on websites to attract the attention of users. And we noticed him immediately. But the reaction was clearly not what the creators of this masterpiece expected. However, let's take it in order.

MyStake Casino. Let's go through the basic facts

If a casino operates with restrictions, by the way, MyStake has been operating since 2019, or does not operate at all in any country, players will usually find out about this in the process. For example, trying to top up their balance or, even worse, withdraw money. But with MyStake this matter is different. If you visit a casino from a country in which it does not officially operate, you will see a message on your browser page informing you that you are blocked. And at the beginning of 2024, residents can see this inscription:

  • Finland
  • Bangladesh
  • Bulgaria
  • Kenya
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Egypt

And many more countries, the total number of which is several dozen. But if there is no such inscription, it means that the casino operates in your country. And, accordingly, welcome to the world of crash games.

And you know, they just wanted to say how poorly made the slider with banners is. They are big, and they stand out of the color scheme, and they change quickly. Suddenly... Having opened the main page, we saw that the banner was not so tall. And the color scheme matches the design. And the rate of replacement seems to be lower than what was initially seen. But we saw what caused negative emotions on the page of the "Casino" section when we entered the crash genre in the search to see if there were games that interested us.

You might ask. Why are we talking about this? It is elementary that if this banner evokes similar negative emotions, do not rush to close the casino. Just reload the page, perhaps changes will occur, like ours.

But otherwise, everything is very, very good. Players will be interested in:

  • convenient site navigation
  • different replenishment options, not only with cryptocurrency
  • no commission, which is somewhat strange
  • promotions and bonuses
  • availability of different languages

By the way, about languages. There are a little more than 10 of them: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and a number of others. We believe it will not be difficult to find one suitable for everyone.


Rating: 4.73

Established: 2019

License: Curaçao

Games: 12

Cryptocurrencies: 9

Welcome Bonus: Yes

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Pros and Cons MyStake

  • Nice interface
  • Thoughtful navigation
  • Information content
  • Large selection of crash games
  • Many promotions and bonuses
  • No commissions
  • Availability of an affiliate program
  • Various ways to make a deposit
  • Lack of anonymity
  • Lack of security settings

Crash games in the MyStake online casino

Taking into account that the concept of games in this genre is unchanged, and everything, one way or another, is built on a sudden crash of the process, and withdrawing funds before this moment, we can say that there are a lot of crash games in the MyStake online casino. Real abundance! We counted a little more than 10 - as many as 11 pieces.

Big Bass Crash. You may have heard the name Big Bass before. This is a very, very popular game from the Pragmatic Play provider. And relatively recently, developers adapted the game, beloved by many, into the crash genre. It's the same familiar fishing gameplay. Only now the main character's fishing line can break off at any second, sinking to the ocean floor. And your task, as a player, is to get your winnings before this happens.

Cricket Crash. It will be appreciated by those who love cricket. Excellent and quite interesting visualization. High-quality graphics. And, of course, excitement. All this will appeal to fans of games of this genre, who will need to have time to withdraw their funds while the ball is in flight. But as soon as it explodes, the funds will be irretrievably lost, and the round will start again.

MyStake online casino also offers you the following crash games:

  • JetX
  • Aero
  • Cabin Crashers
  • Coyote Crash
  • Pilot Cup
  • Pilot Coin
  • F777 Fighter
  • Goblin Run
  • Save the Hamster

Each of you will decide for yourself what exactly to play from all this, and we will move on.

Bonuses at MyStake online casino. Let's talk about them briefly

Why are we planning to talk briefly about such interesting things? You probably want to ask about this. Yes, elementary, so that you don’t close our review and read it to the end. Because there are not just a lot of bonuses in MyStake, but a lot. Yes, quite a few of them have nothing to do with crash games. Nevertheless, they exist.

Let's start with the main thing. You are not offered any bonus for registration. That is, if you expect that by creating an account you will receive some amount in your account that you can spend in the casino, this will not happen.

There are different forms of issuing bonuses to players:

  • cashback
  • deposit increase
  • not financial buns

If you play crash games, you can only use bonuses from the first two categories. By and large, there is nothing to describe in detail, since even a beginner can understand the essence.

Cashback – you will get back part of the money you spend, depending on several conditions. Increasing the deposit means that the amount in your account will be greater than the deposit, again, subject to certain conditions. An example of a third category bonus is 10 free spins of the Dino game if you deposit 20 euros.

Everything related to bonuses, discounts, and promotions is in the promotions section. Open and choose. We also note that the most profitable or time-limited offers can be seen on casino banners.


Welcome Bonus 150% up to 200Є, 100% up to 1000Є

170% Crypto Deposit Bonus

10% Crypto Cashback

2nd Deposit Bonus 100%

Deposit and withdrawal of funds at MyStake online casino

In this casino, the information content of the financial issue is simply ideal. That would be the case for everyone! To make a deposit, you need to click on the "Deposit" button, which leads to the account deposit section. And there we will see that you can make a deposit using:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Astro Pay
  • cryptocurrencies

Bank transfer is carried out using the Mercado Pago system. Maybe it changes periodically since the table simply states a bank transfer. But the Astro Pay service is specified in detail.

There is a variety of cryptocurrencies. We counted about a dozen and a half at the time of writing this review. In our opinion, many users will find a suitable option for themselves.

If you need to withdraw money, then the "Withdraw money" section is located immediately below the deposit section in the profile menu. Easy to find.

Limits and commissions. They are listed right there. That is why it was said earlier that the information content is at the highest level. You can quickly learn what is more profitable to work with without opening each payment method separately.

In general, the withdrawal limits for cryptocurrencies are the same: minimum – 50 euros, maximum – 7500. But there are no limits for deposits. Only TRON is an exception since the maximum you can withdraw at a time is 1000 euros.

For all currency directions, both for deposit and withdrawal, there is no commission. However, users are notified that the withdrawn and credited amounts may differ slightly, which is explained by a possible difference in rates. But there is nothing unusual about this.

Available Currencies










MyStake casino account security recommendations

They will be ours. Own. Because the casino doesn’t offer anything of its own. We carefully studied all the settings and account options. And they didn’t find anything that would make it safe. The casino doesn’t even offer two-factor authentication, which is strange.

We will give the following recommendations:

  • do not keep large amounts of money on deposit
  • create a more complex password
  • indicate the email you check regularly

And it’s even better if notifications about letters to this email will be sent to your phone. So that you quickly find out if someone suddenly decides to try to create a new password for you without your knowledge.

And, yes. Do not tell anyone the email address you provided when creating your account. Because password recovery is only via email, not via phone.

About anonymity at MyStake casino

After creating an account, you will not be prompted to confirm your email. To do this, you need to go to the data verification section in your account settings. There is also an option to confirm your identity using:

  • ID card
  • passports
  • driver's license

Rating and reviews of online casino

Our rating of this casino looks like this:

Design and Interface






Payment Options






Design and interface

Still, 0.1 points were deducted for banners.


Honestly, we had to give it a 3 for such safety. But we reluctantly put it at four for one reason. Authorization occurs through a username/password, and not through an e-mail/password. It is important if the browser saves the name/e-mail entered during authorization, and you visited the account from a public or work computer. There will be no way to find out your email in this way and, accordingly, try to gain access to it. Not that this could really help, if anything, but still.

Crash games

We won’t even explain why it’s a five.

Payment options



A lot of them. That's why it's five.

Customer support

We take off half a point for the fact that there is only a chat.

In total, our rating is 4.73.

And it coincides with public opinion. On specialized sites, this casino has an average score of 4.8. As a rule, 80-85% of users who wrote comments give a solid five.

Users note the convenient use of the site, including on mobile devices. And also quick withdrawal of funds. Although some clients complain that they would like more payment methods.